Commissioned Projects

It has been said that photography is one of the strongest and fastest ways to communicate an idea.

These days, with practically anything and everything being available with just a few keystrokes of your phone’s touchscreen, there has to be something to set your business, your brand, your product apart from the others. Commissioning a custom photography shoot for your product, your public space, your brand – having original photography, not stock art, or bulk art, means that you have something truly unique, and made for you.  Yes, you could go find a stock or bulk art supplier, and have them provide an exclusive license to you (which means they remove it from future sales), but by the time you do that (and likely for similar cost), you could have arranged your own photo shoot.

Interior Designer/Decorators – here are two specific ways we can partner together:

First: If you would like someone to photograph your finished work to add to your portfolio, I can photograph your finished rooms/works. I bring lighting, I survey the room, and look for ways to bring the room to life in an image that showcase your work in the best light when shown to future clients. With photographic and finishing technique that is simply a lot more substantial and of professional quality than what can be done with a smartphone’s camera, let me help you capture your next project.


Second: For your project that requires thematic photography, be it of something local, something abstract, something unique — you name it, let’s discuss how we can work together. For projects of this nature, I offer the following distinctive benefits to industry professionals:

  • Special partner pricing for photographic products
  • A dedicated resource, single point of contact throughout your project
  • Time and materials billing
  • Easy to use client portal for collaboration and file sharing (uploading and downloading)

Contact us to learn more about how we work these types of projects.