Here is a small list of services I offer. If your project doesn’t fit, please use the contact page to get in touch and walk through what you have in mind.

  • Portraits – Seniors, Corporate, Families, Sports Teams
  • Sports Teams – Picture Day (individual and group pictures)
  • Event Coverage – Charity Events, Walks, Runs, Gatherings, Corporate Events
  • Commissioned Projects – Themed series of prints for public spaces – (Industry Partner for Designers/Decorators)
  • Design Service – Album and production outsourcing for other professional photographers
  • Retouching – It happens to all of us – right when you’re getting ready for a photo shoot, here comes that ill-timed pimple. Not to worry, as I can remove it for you. That’s an easy one. I can also fix hot spots from shaving (razor burn), glare in your eye glasses, stray hairs, braces (I can take them off early for you!), widen/brighten  eyes, whiten teeth, skin smoothing, and more.  I won’t show anyone the “before” picture either. Some of this is done in-house, some of these may go out to a lab partner, but either way, you’ll get a great finished product.