About The Artist

I was about 14 when my parents bought a new camera. It was a Minolta Maxxum, with a couple different interchangeable lenses. I picked it up and quickly began learning about composition, ISO speeds, shutter speeds, apertures (ƒ/stops), and more.  I started to understand the difference between not only different film speeds (100, 200, 800), but different brands that we would purchase (Kodak, Agfa, Fuji), and how all the various photographic ingredients came together to make a photo. I really enjoyed making photographs back then, and as I grew up, photography has been in my life: sometimes as a hobby, sometimes for someone else, and sometimes, I get paid for it.

I’ve spent many years performing various functions at events. I’ve been a mobile DJ, a videographer, a photographer, a lighting guy, and countless other roles, for weddings, school dances, bar mitzvahs, charity balls, corporate celebrations, and more. Working with the public comes quite natural for me, so as a photographer, when working with someone that I will be photographing, it’s very easy for me to establish and build rapport.

As a Dad of 4 children, I’ve become quite used to working with- and around kids of various ages. I believe parents can never have too many pictures of their kids when they’re young. The grow up and change so quickly, and are adults before you know it. We can’t stop time – but we can freeze it for a bit. Photography is my way of helping to freeze time.